Tibi Omnia Dabo is the working title for a film in progress. It reminds the silent warding mountain of Tibidabo, near Barcelona. There an old man lived as an hermit in a hovel with one of the most alluring views on the city and the sea, almost buried under his books. The only things he cared about were his writings gnawed by rats. Duilio was a literary man and the keeper of an ancient wisdom.

We first met few months before he discovered he was going to die. They where months of hospitals and clinics, attempts to get away and escapes from memories of blood and war. Ancestors come from the four corners of Europe: shadows of actors, models, maquis and soldiers in the time when Paris was occupied by nazis. A powerful force pushing everybody to his own destiny, and the ghost of another hermit with the same name: his father.

Finally we were left with a suitcase full of papers. Mails to reconstruct connections, poems to evoke the light and the feelings of the quest for an invisible sense that keeps men, nature and the whole universe together.

For us Tibi Omnia Dabo is not a place anymore, but it became the north star of our search. It is the “All this I will give you” from the temptations, siren song and longing for an ecstatic communion with the whole. Enchantment to evoke ghosts and spell to catch a glimpse of the subtle and ephemeral world where this story takes place.

A journey trough the places and the heirs of this memory. Catalonia and the Way of St. James, Paris and the river Loire, Tuscany and the Black Forest, guided by Duilio’s poems, diaries and letters on the search for the invisible wind that blows over the blades of time.