On the traces left by the practice of tarantism in Salento, Enza, a very young researcher of traditional music, created her personal path of spiritual and psychological healing, transforming her own malaise through the singing and the repetitive rhythm of the frame drum.

As the images of the scorching and color-saturated countryside flow, the verses of the ancient songs of Salento weave a musical tale of gender oppression, of subtle power dynamics, from which the woman finds relief in fact by singing. Through the fragments of this film, started ten years ago and never completed, the director reflects on the deorphanization process from her own roots and on the ancient healing practices of her land. By tracing the delicate and intimate portrait of an extraordinary young woman and her ability to speak to women in the present, she finally recognizes the threads that bind her firmly to Enza’s experience, to what she has left and which still resonates today.