Malserioza Films is a small production company that produces creative documentaries, promotional and educational videos, collaborating with NGOs and publishing houses across Europe.

Dario Ferraro is a documentary filmmaker, producer, project manager and facilitator in the field of education for sustainability and regenerative culture. He graduated in Creative Documentary at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona in 2014, co-directed “Lo Sbarco” with Adonella Marena and collaborated with director Victor Kossakovsky in the collective documentary “Demonstration”. He produces educational and promotional videos in collaboration with several publishing houses and NGOs.

Mercè Salom Parés is someone who is looking down the road. Born in Barcelona and riding between it and Berlin, she likes to explore art in different forms. Built spiritually on engraving, scenery and documentary filmmaking, she has been involved in theater (scenery and costumes), short narrative and artistic films, and has directed the 16mm short film «Pomme de Terre», and co-directed the documentary «D-Construyendo PARTE DE MI». During the last years she worked as wall painter and published a poetry book named “No gràcies, faig tard”. She is still on the search for ways to express herself.

André Roseira Costa was born in Macao where he lived for eighteen years. He studied sound and image in Porto initially and finished his studies in Barcelona at the Pompeu Fabra University. He lives in Barcelona and works as a cameraman and editor at the city’s local television station Barcelona TV. He holds a Master in Cinematography from ESCAC, has experience as a Steadicam assistant, and collaborates in cinematographic productions. At the moment he is busy with the production of his first film as a director, «Carapau de Espinho».